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Bone Drops are a hazard found in the Sunken City.


Bone Drops will occasionally produce three Skulls, which will eventually all fall at once to the floor. They may be destroyed by anything, including the whip, and have 3 HP before being destroyed.

While the player is normally able to catch falling skulls while the Pitcher's Mitt is in their inventory, skulls specifically dropped from a Bone Drop are uncatchable and will always deal damage to the player. However, unlike normal skulls they will not stun the player and only briefly damage them, making them significantly less dangerous.

Bone Drops may occasionally be beneficial to the player, as they may trigger Arrow Traps or even kill Goliath Frogs if they spawned above one. However, they may also detonate Fire Frogs, which could make the landscape hard to traverse or even destroy the Curse Pot, triggering The Ghost.

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