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The three stages of deterioration a Bomb Box undergoes from taking damage.

Bombs are single-use equipment items. They are one of the Spelunkers' most useful resources.

They start each game with four Bombs, and can find more in certain shops. They are also commonly found in crates, are gifted to the player by The Three Sisters, and will be given to them by Kali at 8 favor reward if they already have every other item she can give them.

Bombs work much like light objects, capable of being dropped or thrown into position, where they explode after almost exactly 2.8 seconds, destroying terrain and killing enemies.

Bombs are reasonably inexpensive. 12-pack Bomb Boxes are rarer and more expensive than the common 3-pack Bomb Bags, but note that there is no bulk discount for purchasing a Bomb Box; the player will not save money from buying a bomb box over 4 bomb bags.

Bomb bags and boxes will explode if they are hit by fire, electricity, or shotgun pellets. Bomb Boxes will explode with much greater force, but can take 24 HP worth of damage before they explode with a massive 3 large explosions (akin to Powerpack bomb explosions), deteriorating with the more damage it takes. A damaged bomb box does not yield any less bombs than one in pristine condition.


When primed, a Bomb begins to flash red and make a fuse-like noise. The faster the flashing and the more higher pitched the fuse noise is, the closer it is to detonation. Bombs will also detonate instantly if hit by another explosion.

Throwing a Bomb will cause it to fly the same distance as any other light object, such as a rock. Provided there is enough fuse time left, the player can pick up a Bomb and throw it again if it does not go where you want it.

Bombs will fly further and higher if thrown when looking up, and will be placed at your feet if dropped when crouched.

Explosions will 'leak' out if occurring near sub-area doors, which always has the radius of the detonated explosive from the door.

Bomb explosions will deal 10 explosion damage and 1 fire damage, totaling up to 11 damage, enough to kill most common monsters in the game. The total radius is usually about two tiles in all directions.

Items and Entities

Bombs will always send items and corpses flying after exploding. Players unfortunate enough to be in the way of flying items are liable to be placed in a dangerous situation.

However, the person who placed the bomb will never be hit by stunned entities or corpses sent away by them, as they will pass through the user. This even applies when the entity is flaming, which would normally detonate any flammable pack item on the player's back, such as the Jetpack or Hoverpack.

Items sent flying by player placed bomb explosions also have a short window before they are able to hit the player, meaning that it is actually safer to stay close to a bomb explosion that it is to move away from them. Regardless, it is still a good idea to take cover behind tiles with planned explosions.


Bombs can be upgraded to Sticky Bombs by collecting a jar of bomb paste. This makes it significantly easier and safer to stick bombs to moving enemies and destroy blocks on ceilings and walls without the need of Bomb Cooking. Once the upgrade is applied, it cannot be undone. All Bombs will have the upgrade applied, including ones collected after the Bomb Paste was found.

With the Powerpack equipped, the user will be granted big bombs, which explode with a larger radius. While standard bombs have a radius of about two tiles in every direction, big bombs have a radius of three tiles in every direction.

Bomb Cooking

'Cooking' is the technique of allowing a Bomb's timed fuse to run down before throwing it, so that the explodes in mid-air after a shorter delay.

With practice, Bomb cooking essentially allows the player to control exactly where a Bomb explodes, and it becomes possible to cause an explosion anywhere within the range of a thrown Bomb without the need for Bomb Paste.

There are, however, inherent risks in holding primed explosives, so the timing of the throw must be precise.

The technique also requires at least a few seconds to complete, and is not easy to do in a hurry. Attacking enemies like the Queen Bee with a cooked Bomb is almost impossible to do when being threatened by them.

Cooking a Bomb is done in three stages:

  1. First, drop a Bomb at your feet by pressing down + the bomb button, and then pick it up like any other object.
  2. Wait for the fuse to run down, keeping in mind that a bomb takes around 2.8 seconds to detonate. One will need to judge the length of the fuse and the travel time for it to be thrown to where you want it to detonate.
  3. Throw the Bomb. The Bomb will start to pulse violently and make a crescendoing sound in the final few moments before it explodes. It's always better to throw a Bomb too early than too late.
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