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Rip and tear! RIP AND TEAR!

Droplets of Blood appear whenever characters are injured, killed, or sacrificed on an altar.

Most monsters bleed one droplet of blood when they take damage, and two to four droplets when killed. The blood will spray out from the wounded character and briefly settle on the floor before disappearing.
Blood does not have any physical effect on the environment, and is largely just a visual effect.

Not all monsters bleed. Undead skeletons and vampires never bleed, and mummies and Jiang Shi only bleed when injured, but not when killed.

Corpses do bleed under certain conditions, but don't produce as much as living enemies.


While blood is usually inconsequential, there are two circumstances under which it has an impact on gameplay:

  • Vampires gain one hitpoint for every droplet of blood they touch
  • In a similar vein, the Spelunker can gather blood using the Kapala to replenish health, gaining one hitpoint for every eight droplets he collects.

It's possible to farm blood for the Kapala by collecting several corpses in a corner, then repeatedly throwing a rock at them to squeeze a few drops out.

This can be quite time-consuming, so the practicality of this is limited by the appearance of the Ghost and the availability of corpses on the level.