The Big Chest is a special, indestructible chest that is found either level 1-2 or 1-3 of the Dwelling. The Big Chest stores the Udjat Eye. It can only be opened using the Gold Key, found on the same level. Throwing the Big Chest against a wall will cause it to make the same loud metal sound as the Ball and Chain.

Locating the Big Chest

The Big Chest will always be within the same sub area with the same entrance every time on either level 1-2 or 1-3. Players cannot take the Big Chest out of this area, meaning they are forced to bring the Key to the chest and not the other way around as one could in Spelunky HD.


The Big Chest is a special Chest that is always found somewhere in The Mines, on any level except the 1-1 level and dark levels.


The Big Chest contains the Udjat Eye, an item used to find The Black Market, a location that must be entered as part of the chain into the City of Gold and Hell.

The Big Chest can only be opened by finding the Gold Key required to unlock it, which is always placed somewhere on the same level as the chest. The chest will always spawn on the main path or in adjacent rooms, but the Key may be generated anywhere in the level.

When the chest is opened, the Udjat Eye will be dropped as an item, as opposed to being given directly to the player. This makes it possible to open the chest and leave the Udjat Eye on the ground. The Udjat Eye can also be carried through levels by a Hired Hand, although this serves no purpose.


  • It is strongly recommended that the player finds the Gold Key and opens the Big Chest if they wish to enter The Black Market, as there will be no second chance to grab the Udjat Eye. Although the Udjat Eye is technically not necessary to find the entrance to the Black Market, finding the door without the aid of the Udjat Eye can be highly unlikely.
  • If the player sees the Big Chest, they may want to take it with them, as they may be forced to expend rope in order to bring the Key back up to it otherwise.


The Big Chest is a chest found only once per game, in the Mines. It does not generate on the first level, but will always spawn somewhere in levels 2 to 4.

It has a lock on it which can only be opened with a Key found somewhere on the same level.
It contains the Udjat Eye, the first item required to reach the City of Gold.


The Big Chest can not be removed from the level that it is found on. As attempting to progress to the next level will result in the Chest being dropped and left in the Level.  

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