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Bees are flying enemies that only appear in the 'Incessant Buzzing' Level Feeling, inside large beehive areas. This area will have a background section containing more Bees and and the hive's Queen Bee. They are yellow and black striped insects with large black compound eyes, a fluffy "mane" and a vicious stinger.

Bees may also be summoned by the projectile of a Sorceress.


Bees fly towards the player akin to Bats with a much more erratic movement pattern. This makes them less predictable and more likely to get a good sting on the player.

Unsurprisingly, they are immune to the sticky effects of the honey found across their bee hives.

When met with a 1 tile high space, they may crawl through it.


Bees are easily dispatched with the whip, although a stomp will be more likely to defeat them without harming the player. While a single bee is rarely a threat, they come in large numbers and are always accompanied by the powerful Queen Bee in the hive's sub-area. The Shotgun and other ranged options can make short work of groups of them.

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