For the totem-like trap found in the Dwelling, see Totem Trap. Bear Traps (Formerly Snap Traps) are extremely dangerous traps found in the Jungle and the Tide Pool. Mystery Boxes have a chance of containing a disarmed bear trap.


Bear traps spawn with a small gold nugget on top of them, serving as bait for the greedy spelunker.

Bear Traps will trigger from any item or entity that touches them, instantly destroying whatever is caught inside. Once the trap is triggered, its only use is as a thrown item.

If a bomb or any other explosive item such as a Jetpack is caught within the jaws of a bear trap, it will detonate, leaving behind a crater and the now disarmed bear trap.

Disarmed bear traps will rearm if they fall for more than a tile or are violently thrown.

Bear traps cannot be taken from one level to another.


Two examples of a Bear Trap hidden within foreground elements.

  • Bear traps tend to hide within foreground elements - usually large plants or coral. The gold nugget that lies atop a bear trap is a dead giveaway, and should be what a player keeps an eye out for.
  • Similar to how one would deal with arrow traps, a bear trap can be easily disarmed by sacrificing an item or entity into it.
  • The player can also disarm bear traps with nothing but their whip. Although somewhat precise, this saves them time and resources. Hired Hands will automatically disarm bear traps for the player.
  • Rearming bear traps may be useful to the player, as they may be able to instantly kill certain high HP adversaries such as Tun.
  • If a Shopkeeper dies from a bear trap, the player will not be blamed for murder as long as they did not rearm the bear trap or interact with it at any point.


  • Prior to version 1.15.0a, Bear Traps were known as "Snap Traps", while Totem Traps were known as "Bear Traps". They were renamed to Totem Traps and Bear Traps in order to lessen confusion.

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