For the totem-like trap found in the Dwelling, see Totem Trap Bear Traps are extremely dangerous traps found in the Jungle. When anything moves on top of an open bear trap, it will snap shut, obliterating anything and everything caught in its jaws.


Bear Traps will snap shut on anything that moves on top of one, killing or destroying anything it snaps on.

If a closed bear trap lands on the ground hard enough, it will reactivate. This can be helpful when dealing with enemies like Witch Doctors and Shopkeepers, as they can and will walk right into one.

They usually spawn with a small gold nugget on top of them, serving as bait for the greedy spelunker.


A Bear Trap can be easily disarmed in the same way an Arrow Trap can; by putting something as bait onto it. This will destroy that whatever was used as bait however, so caution should be exercised, and if the spelunker finds themself wanting to conserve their resources, they can simply Whip it from a short distance. This will save the small gold nugget on top as well.

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