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Backwear are wearable pieces of equipment in Spelunky 2. Each article of Backwear has their own different attributes, and generally have a focus on giving the player more mobility.

Players may equip them on their backs by picking them up, leaving their hands free for holding other useful items.

One important thing to note is that the player can drop Backwear by crouching and pressing the “enter door” button. This finds the most use in co-op when someone wants to give their Backwear to someone else, but it can be used if the player does not want the backwear (most likely the Telepack due to its dangerous nature).

It is not possible to wear two instances of Backwear at the same time; attempting to do so will swap out the back item that the player had equipped at the time.

A player may only carry Backwear in their hand if they already have a duplicate of the item equipped on their back already.


Backpacks are a subset of Backwear. Each backpack has their own different function, and all rely on electronics to function properly. Because of this, any fire damage that they sustain will ignite the backpack, leaving behind a blast dealing 10 explosion damage and 1 fire damage. This makes backpacks susceptible to being destroyed by explosions, thrown lit torches, Lava, Fire Bugs, corpses ignited by an explosion, and most notably Spark Traps and Magmars.

Projectiles that deal more than two damage such as the buckshot of a Shotgun or an Arrow are capable of puncturing backpacks when not worn, detonating them. Unlike projectiles, Traps such as Lion Traps and Frog Traps will not puncture backpacks, despite their seeming ability to do so.

Damaged backpacks will let out a loud beep before the swift destruction of both it and everything around it.

The startling noise that plays before the destruction of a backpack.


The Jetpack is a staple mobility item in the Spelunky series. It is essentially a massive tank of fuel capable of thrusting the player upwards, making it a straightforward yet incredibly effective tool, providing the most mobility in the game out of any other item.

While it has limited fuel, it instantly replenishes when the user lands their feet on the ground. Note that grabbing a ledge does not replenish fuel.

Repeatedly spamming the Jetpack conserves fuel and goes almost twice as far, as opposed to someone holding down the Jetpack.


The Hoverpack can be considered the "younger brother" to the Jetpack, designed by the Olmites of Neo Babylon. It allows the player to hover along the same horizontal level indefinitely.

Although it does not provide any extra vertical mobility, its supreme horizontal mobility and unlimited battery can be a useful tool to players.

The Hoverpack also does not reset the airtime-based damage scaling on Spike Shoes, creating an incredibly deadly combo capable of destroying most bosses and high health enemies.

Also note that the player has to toggle the Hoverpack, unlike other backwear.


The Powerpack is a more peculiar back item, as it is the only one that does not provide extra mobility.

The Powerpack instead buffs most of the Spelunker's general combat abilities, such as substantially increasing the damage and radius of their Bombs, imbuing their Whip with the power of fire, or substantially increasing the reload speed and firing rate of certain weapons like the Shotgun or even the Plasma Cannon.

Due to its combat enhancing abilities, a Powerpack that is detonated will instead deal its upgraded 20 explosion damage and 1 fire damage on top of an increased blast radius.

One thing to remember is the player can cook (dead) turkeys with their flaming whip.


The Telepack is a very chaotic back item, as it serves as an "upgrade" to the Teleporter.

While its teleport function is identical to the handheld version, it is activated by pressing the jump button while in midair, and will automatically activate if the player is about to take damage in midair in an attempt to save them from being hit or killed.

Although it is able to keep the hands of the operator free, its easy activation may prove finicky for some.

Before exploding, a Telepack will activate.


Capes are a different variant of Backwear, most notable for their immunity to fire-based attacks. Both variants pair well with Spring Shoes and Climbing Gloves, as they help make up for the lower mobility that they offer in comparison to the Jetpack.

Capes do not reset the airtime-based damage scaling of Spike Shoes, allowing the user to potentially instantly kill most enemies (including bosses) with a single stomp.


The standard Cape is able to provide the player a slow falling ability whenever the jump button is held midair.

Although simple, the Cape can drastically improve the player's mobility, as they may cancel fall damage on demand and reach previously hard to reach areas.

The slow falling ability of a Cape is able to gently lower the player onto Spikes unharmed.

Vlad's Cape

As a direct upgrade to the Cape, Vlad's Cape allows the user to double jump and perform the same slowfall ability that the Cape allows the player to perform.

It can only be obtained as a drop from Vlad in his castle in Volcana. When worn, it takes the appearance of a pair of wings.

One of the most important features of Vlad's Cape is its ability to double the amount of blood produced by enemies attacked by the user. This makes Vlad's Cape an incredibly powerful survivability tool when combined with the Kapala.