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Axolotls are a mount in Spelunky 2. They spawn naturally in Tide Pool, but can also be found in Pet Shops and within pens in Neo Babylon.


An untamed Axolotl will fire their bubble attack at the player, trapping them inside of a bubble which cannot be broken out of by the victim and only by contact with an outside force, such as a ceiling. As the player is stunned for a considerable amount of time afterward, this could trap the player in a hard to escape loop and expend a lot of time on The Ghost timer.

A tamed Axolotl can not only use its bubble attack on enemies, but can also teleport after pressing the jump button again once the double jump has been expended, similar to the Telepack's activation. This acts identically to how a normal Teleporter works. Unlike the Teleporter and Telepack, Axolotls have only one charge, and cannot teleport another time while in mid-air, requiring the rider to land on the ground before being able to teleport again.

Axolotls are incredibly adept swimmers, and can move at incredible speeds in the water without sinking downward.

Much like other Mounts, Cavemen can occasionally be seen riding tamed Axolotls, who will order them to shoot their bubbles at the player and move at incredibly high speeds. If the Axolotl is relieved of its rider, they will be already tamed and will no longer attack the player.

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