Exclusively found in Areas 1 and 4, the Arrow Trap will shoot arrows at anything that comes within six or seven tiles directly in front of them. The trap itself is a stone square with a face carved on it. All thrown objects, including arrows, pots, stones, Damsels, and skulls will set off arrow traps. Gold and gems also cause arrow trap to trigger. Enemies that come in front of one will also trigger the trap, which will usually kill them. Arrows shot from the Arrow Trap do 2 damage. Note that as of version .99_5, Arrow Traps serve as light sources.

In the unfortunate occasion that you come across an Arrow Trap without any thrown objects on hand there is a work-around method for baiting the trap with your bombs and ropes. This method can also save you the hassle of backtracking to find a stone to trigger the Arrow trap as well. In version 1.1 (and perhaps in some previous versions), if the arrow trap can be stood upon, you can flip-hang over the arrow trap to cause it to trigger right as you pass over it, causing it to miss (however, the arrow can still hit you if it bounces off an opposite wall). Another bypass to the arrow trap is when you are holding an arrow, you can fall or jump in front of the trap, while moving to it, and the arrow from the trap will pass through you. This method is gratifying, but does not always produce results.

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