The Arrow of Light is an extremely powerful arrow obtained from Tun's Sun Challenge. It is one of the two necessary items needed to reach the Cosmic Ocean.


The Arrow of Light functions exactly like a Steel Arrow, with two important tweaks; It deals a massive 10 damage, and can only be fired by Hou Yi's Bow.

Attempting to fire the Arrow of Light with a standard Crossbow will break it, stunning the player and knocking the arrow to the ground. With Hou Yi's Bow, it may be used normally, as if it was a Steel Arrow.

Throwing the Arrow of Light with one's bare hands while wearing the Pitcher's Mitt will stun and knock the player backwards, and it will always fly in an arc.

The Arrow of Light's true purpose is to be used to shoot the opened eye of Hundun, which will open a large vortex that will promptly pull the player into the Cosmic Ocean. The player must do this with Hou Yi's Bow, as simply throwing it at Hundun's eye will do nothing.


Once the player has retrieved the Arrow of Light and armed Hou Yi's Bow with it, they have an extremely important asset on their hands. Though they can use it to plow through most enemies in the Sunken City, they should still exercise caution when firing, as it may be destroyed by regenerating blocks or end up in an unreachable position.

Using the Arrow of Light to defeat Hundun's two heads is not recommended, as the player will need to shoot each head three times with it. Many players prefer to leave it and Hou Yi's Bow at the top of Hundun's Hideaway while they battle Hundun, so not to lose it during the battle.

Entering the Cosmic Ocean by shooting the eye of Hundun with the Arrow of Light, shot from Hou Yi's Bow.

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