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Arrows are a basic projectile launched from the arrow traps found in the Mines and the Temple.
Six arrows are also added to the player's inventory when they acquire a bow.


Arrows being launched from arrow traps.

Arrows can be thrown at enemies or shot from a bow. When shot from a Bow, the distance they travel depends on how far the Bow is drawn. A fully drawn Bow will shoot the arrow farther and straighter than an arrow thrown by hand.

Arrows that hit a character will disappear, but if an arrow doesn't cause any damage to anything, it will simply lie on the ground and can be re-used.

Arrows deal 2 HP of damage when launched from an Arrow Trap, but only 1 HP when used by the Spelunker.
Like some other objects, it may ricochet off a wall when thrown and cause 2 HP of damage to the player.

An arrow will embed itself into a wall if it is thrown or launched with enough force, either by firing it from a Bow at full draw, or from throwing it with a Pitcher's Mitt or while running.
When it sticks into the wall, the Spelunker can grab onto the arrow and hang from it much as he can hang from ledges.
With enough arrows and a bit of luck, this can be used to form a kind of ladder that will allow you to climb a sheer wall without the climbing gloves.

Arrows as Equipment

Arrows as they appear in the inventory when collected as equipment.

When a Bow is picked up, it also comes with a 'quiver' full of six arrows, stored on the HUD, allowing the Spelunker to carry more arrows than usual.
Walking over an arrow on the floor will add it to your inventory.

The quiver remains even when the Bow is dropped (although it will be invisible and new arrows will not be added to it). Picking up a second Bow will add another 6 arrows on top of the arrows left in the quiver.
This trick can be utilized to safely steal arrows from shops.

The equipment arrows in your inventory cannot be used without being shot from a Bow, so become effectively useless if the Bow is lost.

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