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Apep is the Egyptian god of chaos who dwells in the Duat, measuring at height of 2 tiles and a staggering 18 tile width.


A player indirectly perishing at the hands of Apep, after his arrival causes a pool of lava to fall onto them.

Apep will only appear in two sections of the Duat; in the middle of the level and just below the top where the player fights Osiris and Anubis II.

When Apep appears, it smashes through any type of block or entity its head makes contact with, and will only repeatedly appear through the same area it initially came through, returning after every 3 seconds.

Apep's appearance is typically marked with chunks containing large quantities of bone blocks and small pockets of lava.

Any entity that makes contact with its head will be instantly crushed between the god's jaws and killed instantly. If an entity hits Apep's body, they will only take 2 damage and be stunned.

Apep is impervious to all damage and cannot be killed. Because of this, its journal entry will unlock after witnessing it slither by for the first time.


  • Beware of anything that may fall with Apep's arrival. Skulls may be sent in the players direction as he plows through Bone Blocks, and Lava in particular can be problematic if Apep sets it loose, which can put the player in serious danger.
  • Because it will always spawn in the chunk just below the top of the Duat, where the player fights Osiris and Anubis II, Apep will make escaping from the fight a much trickier task.
  • Apep will first appear if there is a one block vertical gap or less between it or the player. Take extreme caution when nearing either of his appearances.
  • Since it will always patrol through the same two block tall spaces in both of his appearances, Apep can be easily predicted by the player, who can pass through during the short windows given.
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