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Anubis II is the return of the original Egyptian god of death, resurrected with the power of an Ankh. He appears shortly after Osiris does when the player meets them in the Duat.


A few seconds after Osiris spawns in the Duat, Anubis II will spawn.

As Anubis II has had his Scepter stolen by the player in Temple of Anubis in his first life, he will instead point to the air, summoning coffins containing either a Sorceress, Witch Doctor, Vampire, or Necromancer. These coffins will be spawned over the player's position where the Udjat Eye flashes on the screen, but will not adjust its targeting if the player gets out of the way of the coffin.

Killing Anubis II will cause him to drop a Jetpack.


  • Throwing a singular bomb at Anubis II will kill him instantly, making him trivial to defeat if the player has Bomb Paste.
  • Although getting hit by Anubis II or his coffins only deals 1 damage, being hit by his coffin in the Duat fight at the top of the level will stun the player, likely either stun locking them with Anubis II repeatedly summoning coffins on them, or leading to their imminent death via some other threat, such as being cursed by a Witch Doctor spawned from a coffin.
  • It is highly recommended to kill Anubis II as the Jetpack he drops could make or break a player's run.
    • Players may want to only throw one bomb at a time when attempting to do this, as the Jetpack may easily explode if more than one bomb is thrown at Anubis II.
  • If the player does not have the equipment to kill him or does not wish to obtain the Jetpack, Anubis II can be easily killed without items by luring him down into Apep's path. Apep will kill Anubis II instantly on contact, however the Jetpack will be destroyed as well. Anubis requires a 2x2 space to move through however.
  • Players wishing to obtain a cape instead may attempt allow Anubis II to spawn coffins in the hopes of releasing a Vampire before killing him. This is an extremely risky strategy however as even a single Sorceress, Witch Doctor, or Necromancer can quickly descend the arena into chaos.


  • Prior to version 1.20.2a, Anubis II did not drop a Jetpack. This feature was added after many players felt that the Duat was not worth visiting due to many different factors, such as how entering the world would relieve the player of their current back item, consume their Ankh, and reset their HP back to 4.
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