Anubis II is the second incarnation of Anubis.
He appears in the City of Gold when the Book of the Dead is picked up to punish the Spelunker for desecration.


He is only summoned when the Spelunker picks up the Necronomicon in the city of gold. Once summoned, Anubis II behaves similarly to how he did before. He levitates in the air casting his attacks as he attempts to stay out of the Spelunker's reach.

Without the Scepter, Anubis II will now attack by summoning endless hordes of Red Skeletons, three at a time on every flat surface in range. He will continue to create these skeletons every few seconds, and never runs out of minions.

Red Skeletons behave no differently than ordinary Skeletons. They deal one point of contact damage and will walk off ledges but never jump. They do, however, have a limited lifespan (similar to Magma Men) and will crumble away after a short time spent roaming around. This rarely makes a difference if Anubis II is still around, as he will simply summon more to replace them.

Anubis II is capable of having over twenty skeletons active at a time if none are destroyed.

In his second form, the spectral Anubis II also gains the ability to pass freely through solid blocks, just like the Ghost. Furthermore, he will even follow the Spelunker through the level exits, appearing right at the start of the next level. As a result, Anubis II cannot be escaped from until he is killed for good.

This means that if you don't defeat him in the City of Gold, you will have to battle both him and Olmec at the same time, along with all of his Skeletons and the random Monsters Olmec spawns as well. If he continues to survive, he can pursue you all the way to Yama's Throne.


  • If the Freeze Ray is used on Anubis II, the imprisoned god will fall through the level. Upon entering the next level, Anubis II will still be alive and summon red skeletons.
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