Anubis is an enemy appearing in the Temple, 4-1, where he floats around wielding the Scepter.

He is difficult to kill for players who are new to the temple and should be avoided at the beginning if you don't want your brain fried and don't plan to go to Hell.

Anubis cannot pass through walls, but the psychic blasts can.

Upon death the top-center part of him drops his Scepter, this is important to note if you're trying to use a Crush Trap to kill him, the Scepter is later used along with the Hedjet to access the City of Gold.


An easy way to kill Anubis is using two sticky bombs. A shotgun, boomerang, or freeze ray is also a good way to kill him.

If you don't have any of those, try luring Anubis into a Tiki Trap or a Crush Trap, however, only the top part of Anubis triggers the tiki trap, and using a Crush Trap may accidentally get the Scepter crushed.

As a last resort, the player can use a rock or the whip to kill Anubis, staying away from the psychic blasts. While it's possible to stomp Anubis, it will normally result in the player getting hit by the psychic blasts, since they spawn from the top part of Anubis.


Anubis can be seen wearing the Ankh, which probably explains how he returns from the dead as Anubis II in The City of Gold. Anubis II loses the Ankh after he resurrects, but gains the power to pass through walls like The Ghost and summon Red Skeletons from Hell.


Sometimes Anubis can spawn on top of a Crush Trap, which will get him killed as soon as the level starts without the player's interaction.

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