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Ammit are enemies that can only be found in the Duat, eating the hearts of unclean souls.


Ammit will walk aimlessly back and forth in the Duat waiting to find a spelunker. Once it spots one, it will dash forward, opening and closing its jaw in an attempt to bite them. If an Ammit bites a player, they will be be stunned and flung backwards.

Attacking an Ammit will cause it to dash into the direction it's facing.


  • With their massive 10 HP, Ammit are a great option for blood collection with the Kapala, especially as a player will be forced back to 4 HP after entering the Duat.
  • The greatest threat an Ammit poses is the flinging potential it has after biting the player. This could launch them into Apep or Lava, leading to an easy death.
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