Kali's altar

Kali's altar found in a jungle

Bloodstained Altars dedicated to the fickle goddess Kali can be found scattered throughout the caves. So long as Kali isn't too unhappy with the players, they can earn favor by leaving stunned or dead bodies as offerings upon the altar. However, destroying an altar (or being responsible for it's destruction) will anger Kali, reducing the player's favor standing with her.


Making sacrifices to Kali will increase the player's standing with her. Kali's altar works on a point system, with different corpses being worth different amounts, giving more favor for stunned sacrifices over dead ones.

Sacrifice Stunned Favor Dead Favor
Damsel 8 4
Spelunker 6 3
Hired Hand 6 3
Shopkeeper 6 3
Other stunnable Characters 6 3
Witch Doctor 4 2
Croc Man 4 2
Sorceress 4 2
Necromancer 4 2
Caveman 2 1
Cave Mole 2 1
Tiki Man 2 1
Octopy 2 1
Yeti 2 1
Olmite 2 1
Cave Turkey 2 1
Rock Dog 2 1
Axolotl 2 1
Qilin 2 1
Horned Lizard 2 no corpse
Mantrap 2 no corpse
Vampire 2 no corpse
Vlad 2 no corpse
Scorpion 2 no corpse
Eggplant Child 0 0
Hermit Crab 0 0
Leprechaun 0 0
Proto Shopkeeper 0 no corpse


Kali has 5 different moods, depending on the player's actions. When sacrificing to, or angering Kali, the message will also display her current thoughts of the player.

  • -16 to -8 favor: Very Angry
  • -8 to 0 favor: Angry
  • 0 to 32 favor: Pleased
  • 32 or more favor: Ecstatic

When a player changes her mood from Angry to Pleased, it will instead say "She has forgiven you."


  • 8 Favor: A random item will be granted to the player.
  • 16 Favor: The player is granted the Kapala.
  • For every further 8 Favor, the player is granted an additional Royal Jelly.

Gaining enough favor to receive a reward after the player has been cursed or poisoned will grant a curse/poison removal. Note that this is only possible after the first reward at 8 favor, and that if this is used to cure Curse, it will replace the reward normally given with it's removal.

Some special items can be sacrificed to Kali that grant specific rewards. These do not grant Favor, as the special item is seen as the reward.

  • Sacrificing a Golden Idol to Kali will result in a Golden Monkey.
  • Sacrificing a Present to Kali will result in an Eggplant.
  • Sacrificing a stunned Shopkeeper, Leprechaun or any other entity that would usually drop money/items on death will cause them to drop it.
  • If the has over 16 favor, sacrificing a rock will result in an arrow. The message will read, "Kali admires your warrior spirit. She fashions a weapon for you!"

Sacrificing an Ushabti will result in a companion of some kind, depending on your favor. The higher your favor, the better the reward. The message for sacrificing one will read "So you desire a companion? Here you go!" Do keep in mind that for every Ushabti you sacrifice, your amount of favor is halved.

Ushabti Altar Rewards
Favor Reward
<0 Vampire
0-7 Caveman
8-15 Cave Turkey
16-31 Hired Hand
≥32 Hired Hand holding a Shotgun

Sacrificing two dice will result in a different result, depending on what number the dice add up to.

Dice Altar Rewards
Dice Total Reward
2 Snake
3 Diamond
4 Telepack
5 Spectacles
6 Rope Pile
7 Machete
8 Web Gun
9 Cooked Turkey
10 Climbing Gloves
11 Vampire
12 Hired Hand


Destroying an altar leads to punishment. As soon as either of the altar blocks is destroyed, your favor is reduced by 16 and Kali spawns some monsters there, such as Spiders, Bats, Jiangshi, Jiangshi Assassins and Vampires. The spawning of Vampires is not guaranteed, but it could be beneficial to player to summon them and kill them for their Cape. However, it is usually best to make the effort for the Kapala given how powerful it is.

Upon allowing it to be destroyed a second time, the same monsters will spawn, but the player will also be given the ball and chain. This massively reduces the player's mobility.

Allowing it to be destroyed a third time, will spawn monsters again, give the player another ball and chain, spawn the ghost permanently (it will immediately appear in later levels), curse the player, and force any subsequent level that can be dark to be dark. Even levels like Olmec's Lair, The City of Gold, Tiamat's Throne, and even Hundun's Hideaway can become dark levels from this.

The ball and chain can be destroyed via lava or by crushing it, which will remove the darkness and permanent ghost by the next level.

Note that if a Kali altar is destroyed but the player does not lose enough favor to reach negative favor, she will still remain pleased/ecstatic with the player and will not spawn monsters in reaction.

Guaranteed and Altarless levels

Certain levels in the game are guaranteed to have an alter.

City of Gold

In the City of Gold, a special altar spawns with a unique statue. Instead of a statue of Kali, it will have a massive bullhead with the Ankh on it's forehead.It will always spawn in the middle of the level with a few levers that will open rising doors. It has the same functionality as a normal altar, with the ability to sacrifice creatures on that level. However it differs in 1 key way from other levels. When you sacrifice yourself on it with the Ankh, you are sent to the Duat, a secret world.


The Duat also has a special altar containing a gift from Kali that depends on your favor with her. The player cannot sacrifice entities on this altar.

Duat Altar rewards
Favor Reward
7 or less Nothing
8-15 Cooked Turkey
16-23 Bomb Bag
24-31 Bomb Box
32 and above Power Pack

Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure

An altar is guaranteed to spawn on 6-3 (Neo Babylon) in the basement Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure. If you kill all the guards in the Palace (5 upstairs and one in the basement), you will be able to get a total of eighteen favor points, which is enough to get a Kapala from 0 points. This is the only way an altar can spawn in the back area of a level.

Altarless Levels

Altars will never spawn on 1-1, 1-4, Olmec's Lair, Abzu, Tiamat's Throne, The Eggplant World, Hundun's hideaway, or in the Cosmic Ocean, due to these areas being the first level, having bosses, or too far from Kali to have altars constructed.


Upon finding another altar after allowing it to be previously destroyed, the player will encounter Beg standing on top of the altar, who has the curse status. He will give the player 3 bombs, then teleport away.

If the player finds another altar after meeting Beg, and is themselves cursed, Beg will acknowledge the player and himself as kindred spirits, and give them The True Crown, which teleports the player in the direction they are facing every 22 seconds, but gives them 22 bombs every time it happens.

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