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The Alien Lord is a large enemy that appears in certain bonus levels in the Ice Caves.

A single Alien Lord appears guarding a hidden Jetpack behind a forcefield in the 'UFO Crash Site' level feeling, and in the middle to upper decks of The Mothership, guarding the Alien Queen. Most of the time only one or two Alien Lords can be found in the Mothership, but sometimes there are none.

Although immobile, Alien Lords have powerful psychic powers and can generate 'psychic blasts' that drift towards the Spelunker, similar to those generated by Anubis, albeit faster and at a slower rate of fire. These deal 10 points of damage per hit, and it is very easy for these bubbles to chain multiple hits together and/or stun lock you to death. Although they move slowly, these bubbles home in on their target over long distances, passing through walls as they travel. Alien Lords themselves can only target a Spelunker from about as far as the Alien Lord appears on screen, although the bubbles themselves that are created will continue to track the Spelunker for a short distance beyond the Alien Lord's target range.


  • At eye level, it is possible to get close enough to see them without them attacking you. You can usually exploit this to get close enough to safely throw a bomb into his chamber at the right time (and steal the Jetpack in the crash site thereafter).
  • If you have a shotgun, don't fire at it, until you're sure you won't hit the Forcefield guarding it. They will reflect the bullets, almost certainly killing you in the process.
  • Attempting to drop a bomb onto him from directly above is usually not recommended, due to the speed of his projectiles.
  • It is not recommended to use the Freeze Ray due to the possibility to be killed by psychic blasts.
  • In the UFO Crash site level, it's also possible to kill him using a boomerang. Make sure you won't hit the Forcefields and go away in order not to be killed by psychic blasts.

Alien Lord Trading Card Artwork

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