The Alien Lord is a mini-boss found only in The UFO Crash Site in the Ice Caves.
It is not an overly difficult enemy to fight due to its lack of mobility and slow attacks, and is always worth killing to retrieve the jetpack hidden in the wall behind it. It is possible to defeat the Alien Lord by hitting it twice with a whip or machete, but defeated by a single hit from a mattock.


The Alien boss does not move from its position behind the forcefield, instead preferring to attack from range, creating a psychic bubbles which will follow you similar to how the Scepter rays home in on enemies. If hit by it, you'll be immobilised as you take damage and are stunned for a short amount of time.

The range of the bubbles isn't very high, but it can offer other enemies like the Yetis a free hit on you. If you're ensnared by one, you can mash the jump button to escape faster. Any attempt to kill this boss by jumping on it will usually result in dying.

As with most bosses, killing this enemy with bombs is probably the easiest way, especially if you have no other weapons. Luckily, the Alien Lord is quite an easy target. You will need at least one bomb, but ideally you want three.

There are two distinct strategies for attacking this boss:

  • Get on top of the spaceship and bomb a hole directly above the Alien's chamber, then throw down a second bomb to blast it to pieces. This strategy is efficient, but it leaves you in range of the psychic bubbles, and you risk falling into the Alien's chamber to face a pornographic tentacled death.
  • A safer, but more complicated method involves blowing a hole through the roof of the spaceship further away from the alien, out of range of its psychic powers.
    If you don't have a Gun, grab a pot (or any other available object) before you drop down onto the spaceship's deck.
    First, deal with any Yetis between yourself and the Alien. Throw your item at the forcefield generator to destroy it, and then finish off the boss by chucking a bomb at its feet.
    Alternatively, you can simply fire your gun through the forcefield (which does not deflect bullets) until the big green squid bursts like a zit.

However you choose to kill the thing, don't forget to collect the Jetpack by bombing the wall behind the Alien to make good your escape.

The Alien Lord's corpse can be a source of health, provided you have the Kapala, because damaging the corpse in any way (with the whip, for example) causes blood to spurt out a couple of times before the corpse runs dry.



Typical layout of a UFO Crash Site. Note the Jetpack stashed behind the Alien, visible in this shot due to the Spectacles in the inventory.

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