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Abzu is an area in Spelunky 2.

It is one of two areas where the Tablet of Destiny can be obtained, with the other being Duat in Temple of Anubis.


The entrance to Abzu is hidden deep within the Lake of Fire, a massive lava lake found at the bottom of 4-3 of Tide Pool. Below the Lake of Fire lies a relatively empty area containing an Idol in the center, which when moved sets off all of the Powder Boxes below the lava, making it fall onto the area below.

As the spelunker cannot normally leave the area containing the Idol back through the way they came (as warned by a friendly NPC beside the door), they must find out another way out after moving the Idol and clearing the lava from the entrance to Abzu. The simplest method of doing this is by dying and resurrecting with the Ankh, although other methods are possible.


Abzu is a tall arena with five layers. Kingu is found here, and can be defeated for the Tablet of Destiny:

  • The top of the arena, with a few platforms and multiple entrances to the sub rooms. Used to hop on the back of Kingu.
  • The middle of the area, an open space where Kingu herself lies.
  • The backlayer, used to ascend to the top of the arena. Multiple Giant Clams are seen here.
  • The spawn area, full of typical Tide Pool enemies, an entrance into the backlayer near the water, and the level exit on the very right side of the area.
  • The water, which has no bottom, save for Tentacles which pull the spelunker down. A section with a Coffin initially containing Tina Flan can be found in the upper level of the water.


  • In order to easily defeat Kingu in Abzu, Excalibur is almost necessary, as it trivializes the fight by letting the player repeatedly strike her shell with it until she drops the Tablet of Destiny.
    • To safely bring Excalibur to Abzu, it is recommended to leave it in the upper portion of Tide Pool 4-3 when one goes down to trigger the Idol trap and drain the Lake of Fire. If done, the spelunker can return to the upper portion after either consuming the Ankh or evading the lava and retrieve the blade without fear of losing it.
      • It is generally recommended to do this with any flammable Backwear such as the Jetpack as well, as contact with lava will ignite and destroy the pack.
  • Take caution when moving in the lower levels of Abzu itself, as an enemy may hit the spelunker and send Excalibur plummeting into the deep water, where it is not retrievable.


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